Camille Dareau is a BHSAI and a qualified Cranio-Sacral Therapist (click on Cranio-Sacral Therapy for more details) and has taught and practised for over ten years.
Gabrielle Dareau was a working pupil of Daniel Pevsner FBHS, former pupil of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, before doing a degree at Edinburgh College of Art. She is also a portrait artist, see Portraits.
We both took a strong interest in dressage early in our riding careers, going on to learn as much as we could from different sources, whether from teachers, writings, observation, or our own experience. After moving from Scotland to France we specialised in teaching on the lunge which allowed us to study in depth, and with a great variety of different riders, the real interaction of the rider's position on the horse, combining this with our own riding and training experience to come to a firm understanding of the universal principles of riding in engagement.

In our passion for the art of dressage as a pure gymnastic discipline we have taken the unusual approach of studying riding solely for its own sake, with no other agenda, whether competitive or commercial. This has allowed us to work with horses which in most other circumstances would be rejected, and in doing that we have discovered how it is that the rider can transform themselves in order to transform the horse.

When we come to difficulties with our horses in their training or management, we don't think of 'selling them on and getting another one' as being a relevant option. To us that would only mean passing up an opportunity to learn something from the process of finding a real solution. Thanks to this attitude, we have seen many of our horses develop a radically different appearance and disposition, to the point of a real change in their conformation and basic temperament, characteristics that are usually seen as unalterable.

In the same way we have seen riders of many different types and abilities completely transform to become confident, effective and skillful at riding for engagement.

By finding out how to master the unique phenomenon of engagement, you too can make a difficult or ordinary horse beautiful, or make a good horse magnificent!

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"My goodness - what a change has taken place in my riding. I think that I'm starting to sit "into" the horse rather than on top of him. I felt my horse's movements in a way that has almost never happened before. I could feel his gratitude - he seemed to be saying "thank goodness you finally got it!" Many, many thanks for your help."

Prof. Theresa Lloyd

Tennessee, USA

"This holiday has been more than I hoped for. The riding instruction is outstanding, if instructors in the UK taught this way there would be a lot of happy riders and horses. Everything has been lovely, it's a very special place, which I fully intend to return to."

Sandra Walters

Staffordshire, England

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