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Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle but powerful therapy which stimulates and enhances our own healing capacities. Working primarily via the central nervous system, the therapy is a communication with the innate intelligence of our mind and body, enabling the traumas and restrictions which have built up from birth to begin releasing, layer after layer.

Bridging the gap between osteopathy, where its roots lie, and more esoteric therapies, CST has been the subject of much scientific research and interest due to its remarkable proficiency.

It is of particular interest to riders because often our limitations in the saddle are of a physical nature due to injury or birth trauma, which make it difficult to achieve the straightness and postural strength necessary for unity with the horse, however much you try!

All of the horses at L'Ecurie PĂ©coyne have been receiving CST for years, for both acute and chronic health problems, in order to help them perform easily and happily.

CST sessions are available during your stay by appointment with Camille Dareau, a qualified practitioner with eight years experience of treating people, horses and other animals.