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Putting Principles into Practice

Intelligent and communicative teaching founded on a thorough understanding of horse and rider biomechanics, and using the Classical tradition of learning on the lunge, combined with a focus on fulfilling the natural needs of the horse

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About Us

We are both passionate about good riding and teaching, and have had experience teaching and training horses in Scotland before we moved to France.


Camille is a BHSAI and a qualified Cranio-Sacral Therapist (click on Cranio-Sacral Therapy for more details) and has taught and practised for ten years.

Gabrielle spent some time as a working pupil of Daniel Pevsner FBHS and former pupil of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, before doing a degree at Edinburgh College of Art. She is also a portrait artist, see Portraits.

Our teaching is based on the Classical principles of riding, communicated in such a way that the rider really understands not only what they are doing, but why. Our aim is to demonstrate that from the basis of a correct posture anyone can enjoy the pleasures of riding in unity with the horse.

What makes our teaching approach different to much dressage training is that by working on the lunge we can start from the most fundamental elements of the rider's posture, and once these are established real progress can take place amazingly quickly. We find that for our students, whether more advanced or beginner, the rare oppertunity to work on the seat uninhibited by other demands is greatly rewarding.

Because it is based on the lunge and focuses on the essentials of riding, our teaching is relevant to a broad range of riders and non-riders: beginners to advanced riders, nervous riders, sports professionals for cross-training, musicians and other artists. See Who can benefit? for more details.

We take a strong interest in developing our own knowledge through observing and studying other trainers. When in the UK, we visited regularly the Training the Teachers of Tomorrow Trust in Surrey to watch the international teaching clinics and demonstrations of Charles de Kunffy and Arthur Kottas, and have taken horses there to have lessons with one of the trust's senior instructors, Alex Cookson.

Along with training, we feel that it is very important to address horses' natural requirements, giving them the opportunity to have a healthy social environment, sufficient freedom, natural hoofcare and therapy for any problems that arise. See Holistic Equitation for more information.

We offer courses which combine the gymnastic training of the rider with theoretical education and the practical skills and understanding of the progressive holistic care of the horse. The result is a rider who not only has an established and correct position, seat and aiding system, but also has a great depth of sophisticated equestrian knowledge.

The beautiful accommodation, pool and the stunning setting complete a unique experience. For more information click on Accommodation and The Region.

e-mail: information@gasconyholidays.info

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The stables at Pécoyne. Set high overlooking the valley, with a magnificent view of the Pyrénées Mountains on clear days in Spring, Autumn and Winter.


Contact us by e-mail: information@gasconyholidays.info or telephone: (0033) 562 644 772

Picoyne, 32320 Bazian, France

(in the departement of the Gers, Midi-Pyrénées)

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